An old Manor Farm, just a few kilometres from Gallipoli, in San Nicola and Lecce Provinces.

Stones, materials, typical architectural elements of Salento, surrounded by a wonderful framework of cultivated olive trees green fields that create antiques and fascinating atmospheres.


Timeless emotions at Papa Edoardo’s Manor Farm located in Rodogallo, Province of Sannicola and Lecce. A gloomy ancient story lingers around this amazing dwelling. An old urban settlement called Rodogallo well-liked by influential academics. The entire feud title nowadays Sannicola has been defined as Rodogallo, since Middle Ages until the 18th Century, there were a greater and minor Rodogallo, referring to a larger and smallest built up area. In one Middle Age parchment of 1191 found inside St Mauro’s church, two plot of lands are mentioned in Rodogallo’s locality, near a church devoted to St Maria de Atoca. We do not know where it had risen up, perhaps it was at the same place of St Nicola little church, or another chapel which has been afterwards englobed in a mansion house. Further in 1284 Gallipoli has been burnt down by Charles I of Naples (known also as Charles of Anjou) troops and many Gallipoli inhabitants had to run faraway, a little or nothing was remaining of the Rodogallo’s villages. Starting from 18th Century a bordered pot of land has been called Rodogallo or Rodogalli. Localized between San Simone, Sannicola and Sannicola-Alezio country road (exactly in the same place where there is Papa Edoardo di Rodogallo Manor Farm). This confirms one of the two villages existence in that area.

The Manor Farm Nowadays

Wisely and lovingly restored in regard to historical forms with the use of antique arts and old materials, nowadays aimed at an excellent olive oil production, genuine gold of Salento. Great passion for good old times things, realised with raw material of very high quality, to create an authentic product able to describe strength and warmth at the first taste of this magical land through its fruits tells a real world’s soul.